Thursday, 9 February 2012

Quality Arrows

Not really much to speak of this week with the weather causing havoc to the racing schedule and there doesn't look to be any end to it just yet. I have been dabbling a small bit n the Aussie racing just to keep my hand in and it is difficult in my opinion with the lack of liquidity in the markets, there are no definite trends and it all feels a bit of a grind. Can't wait until we're back on full schedules and the summer can't come soon enough for me.

Tonight I decided to watch just 1 darts match that took my eye, Taylor v Lewis in my opinion the best 2 players playing at the moment and always a titanic clash. I had looked at the pre off odds and Taylor looked far too short to me, he hardly impressed in the World Championships and looked average in last weeks world cup (admittedly Lewis not much better), however Lewis has won the last 2 world championships an I decide that I was going to lay Taylor at 1.96 with a view to trading out pretty early as I have learnt to my cost that it's so volatile, you are asking for trouble holding onto positions.

My work was done within 3 minutes as Lewis raced into a 2-0 lead, I took the profit then as I was following my plan and wasn't in the slightest bothered by the fact that Lewis raced into a 6-1 lead and therefore would of made me considerably more money.

What we witnessed next was just awesome, Taylor roared back to take it to 6-6 with both men playing great darts and in the end they shared a 7-7 draw!! What a sport for trading if you have the right strategy, not that I'm too interested in Darts but I do like to keep my eye on the bigger match ups and tonight it didn't disappoint.

Been working a bit more on some possible Football strategies, which is good fun and enjoyable but finding a clear edge for me.... Is difficult to say the least.

As the flat gets closer I am looking at some in-running angles I may be able to profit from and I have taken a subscription to the excellent looking Racing Trends service who look to go into great detail regarding stats, pace angles etc.... A very exciting venture and I'll keep you all posted on how that develops.

I see there has been another 2 abandonment's for Saturdays racing and it's pretty depressing really but that is unfortunately the norm for winter as we do tend to get hit with a periods of cancellations every year!

The only plus for me is that I can have a look and work on other areas while I can, the Football lays will be back at the weekend and they are showing good promise so far, more of a straight out betting strategy though rather than a trading one!!

Following on from my last post, I am still struggling on how best to import my p+l into something more thorough? Maybe I'll just keep it as simple as possible or the time being.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Record Keeping

I've been reading many great blogs over the past week that have covered record keeping in trading, the general consensus is that they are a crucial part of trading if you are serious about being successful.

I am probably guilty of not keeping accurate records of my trading and when I aren't doing that, I fear that I'm not looking at the true picture of my trading progress. For example I could be accused of forgetting the losses as they are not presented in black and white through not keeping said records.

I am looking for a bit of advice on what sort of records you feel relevant to be analysing? Also the best way to export them from Betfair?

 A few years ago, a fellow blogger Robbie Chicago (hope your OK mate) who wrote an honest and excellent blog about pre race trading sent me a spreadsheet he used to track his progress. To be honest I never really used it fully but it did look very thorough and impressive.

I will dig this out tonight and start to track all my business on Betair, even though I have a loose idea of the bottom line! I feel it needs more accurate investigation so will have to get into the habit of keeping good records. This also helps with discipline I would imagine??

Anyway, not a lot happening on the horses this week with the blasted weather, I see another 2 meetings have been cancelled for tomorrow. This will give me a chance to explore how and what I'm going to record in my trading and how to fully make use of what It's telling me.

If anyone has any advice? Please leave me a comment, it would be great to here other peoples opinions on the subject.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Nothing To Report

Apologies for the lack of updates this week, been so busy with other things. Looking at moving house and had a few viewings to attend last week although not very productive in terms of finding anywhere suitable.

The trading has obviously taken a back seat and I haven't been involved at all since last Monday, to be honest I don't really think I've missed much however with a disrupted day on Saturday, leaving just 2 all weather meetings!! Hardly the land of opportunity regards pre race trading.

Hopefully weather permitting? I'll be able to get in a good few afternoons this week sometime to continue my slow progression, my head does feel in somewhat of a muddle and I find myself not really being able to concentrate when I have other things going on that need sorting out. I like to give my full attention to one thing at a time (I'm male!!) so It's a case of being careful and only trading when I am in the right frame of mind to do so!!

Looking to try and automate a couple of football strategies I have stumbled upon in the coming months, more about that nearer the time and also I haven't had chance to put up any-more value lays this week, back to that next week.

Hope your all still nice and green