Monday, 30 January 2012

Pre Race Profits

Traded the pre race horse racing markets today after saying yesterday that I was to take the horse racing more seriously whilst I search for other profitable angles in other sports. There was some tennis on today but it looked poor fair, so decided to crack on and trade the horses.

Managed to get a decent result for a Monday after struggling for a little while earlier on.... there were some big spikes that managed to catch me out quite a few times and as it's the law, I found them working to my disadvantage in the most part. I lost on 3 of the 15 races I traded and made a decent return relative to my stakes.

One of my best trades came in the 5.50 Wolves where I managed to get a lovely position laying the fav at 3.0 and rode the drift out to 3.6 for a nice confidence boosting win of about 15% of stake, I actually only did one trade that race and when you get a nice swing like that one, it feels so much easier and less stressful than scalping and turning over lots more money.

I was far from perfect!! Some of the races would make pretty ugly viewing an thankfully I didn't get in too much of a tizz which is so easy to do when trading pre race.

I am constantly fighting my emotions when trading as I really do expect too much.... This is a problem I work really hard to combat - but in the heat of battle I do lose a clear head from time to time. Still I shouldn't be looking at negatives and focus on the positive things I do! When I'm tuned in, I'm fairly good and see most things pretty clearly, this comes from being relaxed and not being too hard on myself when making the inevitable mistakes.

I am going to view a new flat tomorrow afternoon so I aren't sure if I will get any trading done, Hopefully I can get a few races in?

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