Monday, 30 January 2012

Pre Race Profits

Traded the pre race horse racing markets today after saying yesterday that I was to take the horse racing more seriously whilst I search for other profitable angles in other sports. There was some tennis on today but it looked poor fair, so decided to crack on and trade the horses.

Managed to get a decent result for a Monday after struggling for a little while earlier on.... there were some big spikes that managed to catch me out quite a few times and as it's the law, I found them working to my disadvantage in the most part. I lost on 3 of the 15 races I traded and made a decent return relative to my stakes.

One of my best trades came in the 5.50 Wolves where I managed to get a lovely position laying the fav at 3.0 and rode the drift out to 3.6 for a nice confidence boosting win of about 15% of stake, I actually only did one trade that race and when you get a nice swing like that one, it feels so much easier and less stressful than scalping and turning over lots more money.

I was far from perfect!! Some of the races would make pretty ugly viewing an thankfully I didn't get in too much of a tizz which is so easy to do when trading pre race.

I am constantly fighting my emotions when trading as I really do expect too much.... This is a problem I work really hard to combat - but in the heat of battle I do lose a clear head from time to time. Still I shouldn't be looking at negatives and focus on the positive things I do! When I'm tuned in, I'm fairly good and see most things pretty clearly, this comes from being relaxed and not being too hard on myself when making the inevitable mistakes.

I am going to view a new flat tomorrow afternoon so I aren't sure if I will get any trading done, Hopefully I can get a few races in?

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday Value Football Lay

Another promising weekend for the Value Football Lays with 3 winners so far and a 100% strike rate verall, still early days of-course but promising none the less. We have 1 more lay for Sunday in another game that the market has falsely priced for the expectancy of goals, I have the A/U scoreline in at about 14.0 so great value in my opinion.

F.A Cup

Arsenal v Aston Villa - LAY A/U @ 7.6

Traded the first set of the Aus Open final between Nadal and Djokovic as I thought Djoko would take time to get into the game I backed Nadal from the start and greened up after he took the first set, I was a bit nervous about going in again because Djoko had such a hard game against Murray!? So I'm happy to be out of it and will enjoy the rest.

As I suspected.... Liverpool edged a tight game with Man Utd yesterday but they were no value to back, in-fact United were better for long periods but never really looked like hurting Liverpool and the game was a bit of a disappointment to be honest. I saw the picture I've added on Twitter showing a Liverpool fan in what looks like a racist monkey pose! I thought we'd seen the back of all that and were going back to the 80s allowing this sort of thing to go on.

Admittedly, It's a very small minority but in a day and age where your skin colour can go against you or be used as a reason to abuse someone is just plain wrong!! Lets hope they track this moron down and ban him for life.... No place for people like that in Football.

This week I have said to myself I have to knuckle down a bit more with the pre race trading as I see myself relying more and more on that through the summer, I haven't really made much progress with other sports thus far apart from the tennis but I still feel a bit lost trading some of the games and I aren't confident it suits my trading style as yet??

I am guilty in anything I do of trying to run before I can walk and have fallen into so many traps in the pat, I just have to get real and not expect too much. I constantly make the same mistakes over and over again with regards Football, resorting to the over/under markets which to me is pure gambling ( fine if you have a value bet) but I want to trade not bet..........

So I will be continuing the lay experiment and will be putting more focus on the pre race horse racing from now until the summer, I will be having a look at the televised Tennis on Sky throughout February where I will try and develop a style that suits me and gives me ample reward for the larger than comfortable risk I seem to currently take!!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Value Football Lays

Another winner for the Football Lay last night as Spurs won 1-0 away to Watford,

We have another 2 lays today that I feel are underpriced in the A/U market due to a false expectancy for goals.


Q.P.R v CHELSEA - LAY A/U @ 8.0

Looking forward to the 4th round clash between Liverpool and Man UTD , I do fancy Liverpool in this one but saying that... It's liverpool and you never know what you get with them, I won't be trading but I do think that there will be goals and if 0-0 after around 25 mins? I would be interested in the over 1.5 goals market if the price was right?

There is some fantastic racing on today and we see the return of Big Bucks who has never been beaten over hurdles, he is a beast of a horse but it is a weak division it has to be said, there should be some serious money matched on him because he's such a short price and that usually attracts huge sums on a Saturday.

Just watching the womens Aus Open final between Azarenka and Sharapova, Shara won the first 2 games and has lost 11 of the last 12 games and she looks to have emploded. I remember her doing exactly the same in the Winbledon final so I kept well away from trading it. To be honest I do prefer trading the mens, there is a lot of money to be made for skilled tennis traders on WTA because of the inconsistency on serve etc.... but I cannot go through the emotion that brings so will be looking mainly at the mens game for the near future.

Just another unrelated point regarding blogger viewer stats, I average around 100 readers a day according to the stats, I have noticed a sudden surge in page views every-time I post about the football lays?? Now it goes up to around 400 on them days?? Obviously some sort of spam bot etc... I was just wondering if anyone could give me any advice on how you can block these? I have 3 addresses that are viewing the site up to 10-15 times an hour so It's completely throwing the stats and is annoying!!!

Hope you all have a great days trading/punting

Friday, 27 January 2012

Value Football Lay

I have 1 qualifying lay on Tonight's F.A Cup clash between Watford and Tottenham, I know Spurs can score goals for fun and Watford are pretty poor but the 6.0 for the Any Unquoted is too short and therefore a lay.

The match is live on ESPN at 7.45pm



All lay bets are calculated to a 1pt level stake.

There should be more for tomorrow but I will post them up tomorrow morning sometime.

Black Caviar - Aus Open

Just finished watching Black Caviar record her amazing 17th win from 17 runs over at Moonee Valley in Australia, being a bit of a fan of horse racing for years I can appreciate just how good she really is. Undoubtedly the best sprinter in the world and the fact that connections are coming over for Royal Ascot in June only makes it more exciting.

She will be running in the Kings Stand Stakes on the Tuesday and I am looking forward to attending to hopefully see a bit of history. There has been talk of a match up between our superstar Frankel but great as though that sounds, I just cannot see over what distance and where such a race would take place? One is an exceptional miler and the other a great sprinter, to me comparisons are pointless!!

Made a bit of a pigs ear trading the Federer v Nadal semi final yesterday, not that I lost much in monetary terms. It was more that I saw good opportunities that I left alone and got involved when the market was too volatile and carried too much risk for my reward. I definitely see that going against the obvious in tennis can sometimes pay dividens when your right...... If only I had the mental strength to play the prices rather than what looks more than likely to happen! But It's all a learning process and hopefull I'll get a lot better at it?

Just watching the Djoko v Murray game and I did fancy Murray to cause him problems? I think Djoko will win but it might not be easy for him, Rafa would have a chance in the final against Djoko if he believed he could beat him because I'm not sure he is at the same exceptional level we saw last year? Saying that I wouldn't put my life on any scenario which is why trading short term appeals more than outright backing or laying in tennis.

Starting to go through the weekends football fixtures to look for a few possible value lay test selections, although It's F.A Cup I think there are a few prices in the A/U correct score market woefully under-priced? Just a case of filtering them out and seeing if they fit the criteria.

Will post any lay bets on the blog later tonight or early tomorrow if there are any?

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Steady Afternoon

Decided to trade a few of the Horse Race markets today after feeling this morning that I wasn't really in the mood for it, thought to myself I may aswell see if I can nick a few trades if the opportunity arose.

I traded OK if not spectacular and was happy to just nick small wins without really pushing for miracles, I traded 22 races losing on just 4. Saying that though I made losses a tad bigger than my average wins so wasn't happy with that but it meant a 12% increase on bank and I'd take that everyday of the week.

Will be doing the horses again tomorrow with 4 English meetings and one from Meydan (don't usually trade them) so doesn't look too bad on first view?

Liverpool made it through to the Carling Cup Final earlier after twice being behind and I thought they were the better side throughout and deserved to go through over the 2 legs. I was also in two minds about laying Barca 2-0 up against Real in the Spanish Cup but resisted what would of turned out to be an excellent trade! Being honest though I hadn't planned to have any trades/bets on it and it would of been just a instinctive lay, so not too disappointed and a great game to just watch.

Tennis Profit

Have managed to trade the quarter finals of the Aus Open through the night and I was happy with the results, almost doubling my admittedly small tennis bank. Most importantly I made a few decent decisions regarding the Murray game and the Djokovic thriller.

I backed Murray to win -8.5 game at 2.1 in the 2nd set as even though Nishikori looked dangerous at time, Murray seemed to be able to break him at will. I jumped on Djokovic at 1.5 after he appeared to turn funny and looked in a bit of trouble.... I have seen this all before though and in my eyes it was a huge overreaction. They were level at 2-2 and Djoko up a set, his sp was 1.15 or thereabouts.

As I write this he is well in command in the 3rd and I will let it run.Really enjoyed messing about with the tennis and will look to implement a few things I've learnt so far in the upcoming tournaments.

Struggling to get motivated with the horses, managed to trade a few races yesterday however for a decent 11% increase in my trading bank.

Liverpool face Man City in the 2nd leg of their Carling Cup semi final tonight and although I think Liverpool may sneak it? I won't be getting involved. If they play like they did on Saturday night though? It will be a tough night. They won't be that bad again..... Will they???

Bit tired so will probably give the racing a miss this afternoon.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Decent Weekend

Decent weekend with the new Value Football Lays having a clean sweep of winners with a 100% success record, early days but a good start. You can follow the progress of the lays on the results page at the top of the blog.

The aim with any laying or betting system is to be able to take odds that are in your favour, thus creating a value bet! If we continue to get value and our assessment of the said "value" is right? Then we will make money consistently over a period of time. This is what the lays hopefully will bring, what I perceive to be value based on market overreaction for expectancy of goals, where punters ignore some very important statistics.

Still enjoying the tennis, been some really great matches over the weekend, especially enjoyed watching Gael Monfils on Sat Morning, he's so entertaining and just don't know what he's going to do next. Also managed to get in a small lay of him at 1.15 and got out of the bet at 9.2, mainly because he had a back injury and the market always goes bezerk when there is a hint of an injury! We have seen it so many times with Monfis, he does like to make a meal of things and maybe what looks pretty serious is actually very much not??

In he end Monfils levelled the game at 2-2 and was a break up in the 5th trading at 1.04 I think it was? Before throwing it all away in a spectacular collapse. Great Game.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Value Football Lays Test

The last week or so, I have been doing a bit of research regarding a laying strategy on the correct score markets in Football. I started around 2 years ago and I thought I was onto something good at the time but I decided that trading should be my sole focus and left it on the back-burner.

I have now been testing for the last week as I thought I may be able to devise a trading strategy from it but after looking at past results It's clear that it is more profitable as an outright lay system. I believe the lays represent massive value long term and It's based on laying Any Unquoted scorelines in a situation where there is overreaction and ultimately therefore value to be had opposing this. I run a strict cut off of no lays above 10 and each selection must meet the vigorous criteria to be a bet.

I will test them live on the blog to see how they go, please do not take these as tips and don't follow them with money as I don't want to be responsible for any losses incurred throughout a test period.

At the moment I will be laying only in the Premier League and the Championship as that's where most of the testing has been done. I am sure the system proves profitable in other leagues but I haven't done anywhere near the amount of research required as yet. Also I have set up a separate page on the blog so you can track the progress.

So onto today's qualifying lays

All lays are to a 1pt level stake


Norwich V Chelsea - Lay A/U @ 6.4
Everton V Blackburn - Lay A/U @ 8.4
Bolton V Liverpool - Lay A/U @ 8.0


Leeds V Ipswich - Lay A/U @ 8.4
Peterborough V Brighton - Lay A/U @ 9.4
West Ham V Nottingham Forest - Lay A/U @ 7.8

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Trading Is Very Much A Skill

Just thought I'd do a quick post on a video I came across on Youtube yesterday! The trader in the video is obviously a financial trader but the similarities between financial and Betfair trading is very very similar....Especially the pre race horse racing markets.

It's not just a case of sitting at a computer clicking a few buttons and watching the £££ roll in, It is a skill and you have to work very hard to learn it.

A great quote from a great man - "Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty... I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well."
   Theodore Roosevelt

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

More Tennis ideas

Spent another early morning watching the tennis, enjoyable as it was didn't really learn a great deal but keep getting decent ideas and possible strategies to explore so it's all good. Thought Murray played well after losing the first set and Djoko absolutely demolished his opponent!! Again, what does it tell us?? Not a lot in my view but good to see they are hitting the ball well.

Sharapova was another impressive winner, dropping just 1 game to Dulko. That was after she'd been 40-0 up on her own serve as well, her ground strokes were good, but unfortunately it's that serve of hers that lets her down and will probably cost her later in the tourney.

Not doing the horses again today as I had a look earlier and to be honest it's poor, 2 meetings on at the moment, however Folkestone check again at 12.30pm and not really ideal conditions for trading, plus the fact I'd be going into it half hearted... best to just give it a miss.

Australian Open

Spent most of this morning watching the tennis from OZ and just watching the markets and how they react... It's so much clearer when your not clouded with an open position that eventually goes tits up (usually the case for me), spotted some really interesting things going on and will be keeping a close eye on it throughout the tournament. Wozniacki and Azarenka were impressive as was Federer and Nadal, what you can take from these early rounds though I'm not sure though? They are playing hugely inferior opponents.

Tennis is a sport I've looked at trading in the past as I do have a keen interest in the sport but have never really had any sort of defined strategy which usually meant that I would find myself in a mess sooner rather than later. Having said that I have had some of my biggest wins (and losses) trading tennis as my style is aggressive and when it goes right it pays well. Federer losing to Berdych a few years ago sticks out where I laid Fed 4-1 up in a final set tie break before he went on to lose and last year Sharapova playing Jankovic say 5 successive breaks of serve which made me good money also - unfortunately these wins were few and far between and when I get it wrong, I do so spectacularly.

To be completely honest I haven't spent nearly enough time learning to trade tennis and give up after the losses, I actually believe I'm in profit on he sport but get disheartened with the big losses and leave it for a few months, losses fresh in my head. This is clearly because of over-staking and not having the mental strength to get over them because I staked too largely in the first place, money management is another huge trading skill to have right.

I do hope to maybe find some sort of mechanical way to trade tennis that consists of taking value positions in-play that will hopefully lead to me being able to green out at sometime in the match?? This scenario is a way off though and It's definitely more of a watching brief at the moment. I'm a bit impatient also and tend to want to be always involved rather than waiting for the right opportunities.... this is where I find myself in trouble when things go against me so I think a more mechanical strategy with strict money management will suit? If anyone has any advice regarding this, I'd be more than glad to hear from you.

Another good post by Cassini over at Green All Over regarding taking a hit, more importantly... coming back from it!! A lot of what was said and the link he provided to another blog on the subject was a fascinating read and one that definitely relates to me and my current sports trading situation, definitely worth a look.

Again I would like to thank Sultan from the excellent and entertaining blog Centre Court Trading for his comment left on my 2nd to last post, he has also made a fantastic post regarding people just tuning in to bet on the Grand Slam events and why they think they can suddenly profit just on these tournaments, very true and I do agree with a lot of what he says there so check that post out for sure.

Had a small bet on over 2.5 goals in the Blackburn v Fulham game on Saturday as the pre K.O price of 2.02 was great value in my opinion, I also went in for a little more at 2.6 in the first half. This wasn't a trade though as I have mentioned before, It is gambling!! I'm not averse to gambling as long I feel the value is there then I'll bet and would back myself (no pun intended) to make a profit in the long term.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Couple Of Days Off

Well I haven't traded at all for the last couple of days, after my recent bright idea of mixing gambling with trading with no plan or knowledge of what I was actually doing I feel deflated and my head just isn't tuned in to grinding a profit when I have thrown away much bigger amounts with reckless punts.

I hope to move on from this setback and develop a sound plan before entering any trades in the future knowing what I am likely to win or lose depending on whether the trade is successful or not? I found myself just stuck there watches a loss get bigger, hoping for a turnaround purely because I couldn't face taking a loss after being in a good winning position 60 seconds earlier!! This used to happen frequently whilst trading horses but it was something I got better at, mainly because of some absolute shocking bank blow-outs for the sake of a smaller, retrievable loss. Hopefully I have learned a valuable lesson and can start to be a bit more careful regarding capital preservation.

The main problem I have faced throughout my trading life is that I always like to finish an event or day in profit, I know that this is absolutely impossible but seem to do reckless things to get there and get annoyed if things don't go my way!! I thought I was past all that? Obviously not......

Another thing I will say is that outside influences are not a good mix for trading successfully, I have a few issues going on in my life at the moment and feel pressure to make money on the exchanges. Therefore losses, wins and general trading is much more magnified on my emotions, this could also be part of the reason why I continually do silly things on sports that I have no knowledge about and definitely no right to be in the market with a big (for me) position!!!

I definitely want to knuckle down and start making decent money again on the pre race horse markets and will continue to gather in as much info and knowledge on trading other sports with small stakes. The excellent blog Green All Over posted about laying low in basketball and I must say I have to agree with everything Cassini says about getting it right less often.... but when you get it right it pays dividends. Just have to work out where I should be laying and in what scenario (that's the hard part)?? But from what i've seen of the NBA, doing it blindly providing there is enough time on the clock ad the teams are pretty closely matched? You shouldn't do too much damage even if it doesn't prove profitable!?

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Poor Show

Just a quick update on some poor trading I have been blessed with over the last 2 days!! I'm starting to be a big head and think I can just trade all sports I get involved with profitably! I CAN'T, I'M A MUG!!

I have been looking at doing a few other sports for a while as I want to diversify ways to profit on the exchanges but I fail to grasp that the people making money in these other sports have worked very hard to do so and didn't just bang a few trades on what they thought would happen at any price! They make trades on the fact that something is VALUE ie.. too short or too big. If they are getting value then they will make more profits than losses overall.

My problem is that I will try to win every trade and what I think is value at the time? Is very clearly not. I have to pick and chose what sports I want to research and work hard in doing that..... Not just back a certain cricket team because they should win from there or a tennis player who has a double break in the set hoping she wins the set and will trade shorter, which she probably would but not by any significant amount having a double break, (she lost the double break by the way and lost the set).

What i'm trying to say in all this rambling tripe is that I am not getting in at decent value prices because I don't know what is real value because I don't know enough about the sports and more importantly... What moves the prices, when and how far they move after certain plays or scenarios.

The main offenders have been 20/20 cricket, a game I enjoy but make poor betting decisions based on short term events, tennis has been poor again as it was a year or so ago when I  dabbled, the inconsistency of some of the serving is quite pathetic and I've found myself with some ugly losses leaving my bank depleted and me very frustrated.

I will be concentrating on the bread and butter of horse racing for a while and try and rekindle some sort of enthusiasm for that, slow steady returns is OK! I'm too greedy though and want to make too much too quick hence my foray into sports I have an extreme disadvantage trading.

I also backed Miami Heat at 1.20 in-running last night and they traded at 1.01 and lost in overtime, if I wasn't so greedy I could of greened up as I did feel they were too short given how the game was poised. I have never seen any market so volatile in any other sport I have ever watched, absolutely crazy stuff and if I wasn't scrambling to get out for another ugly loss I probably would of really enjoyed it!! There has to be a way I can exploit some of the moves in the NBA but not with my current attitude and knowledge. Saying that I traded 4 NBA games and had small profits on 3 of them but as is crucial with trading, it's no good winning a little on your good trades and a lot on your bad ones!! You will only end up skint with that sort of performance.

So a very pissed off and feeling sorry for myself post and I'm really struggling at the moment, my bank is in ruin as I got too big for my boots and resorted to greedy gambling rather than methodical value trading! I am definitely not giving up the idea of trading other sports, I just have to play with small stakes as I learn.. If I cannot profit with £5 stakes I won't with £500 either.

My plan of action is to get sorted mentally and grind out what I can on the horses, then do some research on a couple of sports i'm interested in, mainly Football ( very difficult to find an edge for me that one), Cricket and NBA. The rest I simply have no idea about how to make money from and consistently get myself into a pickle.... I am going to carry on and see what I can learn from these said sports but I will trade them with a liability no bigger than £20 as I am simply not prpared to lose so much money learning whether I can profit from them.

Apologies for the rant and I do hope you have been more successful and less of a mug than me these past few days?!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Weekend Update

Hi All,

Just a brief update on the weekends trading progress which has been OK. Saturday was a long and hard day for me after trading the horses in the afternoon I switched my attention to some F.A Cup trading later on...

The horses went pretty well in the end but it was hard work, taking losses far bigger than your profits only means your going to struggle and I did. Managed to get it together though and post a relatively small profit for the work and energy expanded.

After I'd finished up on the horse racing I switched my attention to the Newcastle V Blackburn 3rd round tie, Blackburn were 1-0 to the good and trading at around 1.85 in the unmanaged Betfair market, now I know that Blackburn haven't kept a clean sheet all season and are abysmal at the back so with then sat well back and not looking to press for any further goals (think back to the Sunderland game) I felt a lay at that price was the correct and good value trade with around 22mins left. Thankfully no less than a minute or so after I'd been matched Newcastle equalised and Rovers were trading at around 8.0-9.0.

I was then pretty confident that my lay looked safe and actually added a bit to the draw at around 2.2 with a view to laying off after 5-10 mins!! I actually kept my biggest profit on the draw and was happy with the red scenario on Blackburn given their 2nd half ambition thus far, unfortunately Newcastle won it in injury time to scupper the bigger profit on the draw but still a decent green was had and one I was very pleased with.

My other trades came in the NFL where I had backed Houston at around 1.5 laying off at 1.28 in what turned out to be a pretty one sided game from what I saw and I managed to lose £8 in the NO v Detroit game by backing over 58.5 points only to realise my silly mistake as that was quite a lot of points given there had only been 20 or so and it was almost HT, in my defence I was tired and it had been a long day so dumped that at -£8 and called it a night.


Well I have just traded the NFL game between the Steelers and the Broncos and what a fantastic game it was with the Broncos winning with a TD and 80yard pass from Tim Tebow in the first play of overtime!! Amazing stuff... Managed to nick a relatively stress free £25 mainly by laying the Broncos when they looked too short at around 1.25ish in the 3rd quarter, a good drive for Pittsburgh meant I could green up for that amount and I was more than happy with it. I am relatively new an inexperienced trading this great game so anything is a bonus whilst learning.

Had a nibble in the Basketball and was wanting to be against Orlando for most of their game tonight, the market seemed to be in love with them and they were short throughout despite it being petty close until the last quarter, think I made about £2 on that and was happy not to lose. The Oklahoma game went better though, that was a more simple back bet at 1.20 when they looked to be in total command. They started the 4th quarter with a lead of around 23pts so let that ride and they never looked in any danger (nor should they with a 23 point lead in the last quarter)

Going to watch the Lakers game now and they look short at 1.18 with only a 9pt lead first quarter, they started at 1.31. I will wait and see if there are any opportunities that arise in that one,  not exactly looking for action so will be pretty selective because I want to learn more about how and why the odds move. One thing that is evident is that bigger teams tend to be backed at almost silly looking odds with slender leads and I'm sure they aren't all 1.01 trains from what I've seen of the N.B.A, which is not much I grant you but an exciting proposition to explore none the less.

Mondays card look terrible with only 2 meetings and I will probably give them a miss as I will be up late, doubt I'll be missing much anyhow??

Hope you all had a profitable weekend on the exchanges

Until next time...

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Back To The Grind

Didn't bother trading the 1 meeting yesterday so today was back to the horses for the first time this year and I managed to increase the trading bank by 18% which I am obviously happy with given I only did around 10 or so races. I made an absolute mess of the 2.50 race though where there was odds on fav at around 1.3ish.... I got on the lay side pretty big and it was just hammered and gave me little chance of getting out without a messy loss.

I've been caught on these shorties before and can sometimes get in a bit of a muddle trading them. Possibly worth looking at the other runners in this type of race unless it's a high profile race/runner as they hardly move because of the huge sums stacked up!! With the run of the mill meetings there is more movement on the short ones and if you get on the wrong side of a move it can be very messy.

Looking at doing a bit of in-running over the coming weeks and months using small stakes as this can be a decent way of making a little extra on the race if you have a good strategy in place and not let any trades turn into in-running bets that ultimately end in disaster.

Happy to be back though and a nice confidence boosting day has given me some nice motivation moving forward, hoping to just plod in January and then when the racing quality picks up in Feb and March I hope to be making these good returns with a bigger bank size.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

First Day Back - Darts profit

Well today was going to be my first day back trading the horses! I'm now in two minds as to whether I should trade today as we have just been left with one meeting at Southwell following the abandonment of Ayr. This is the issue I have in the winter months as a trader of horse racing, we lose race meeting hand over fist and then get 1 meeting with half and hour gaps with little liquidity in them.

I always end up going in too early or trying to squeeze more profit from a race to make up for the limited opportunities and it never really works! I may just have a look at a few races for small stakes just to get a feel again and not expect too much. A 3-5% increase on my trading bank would be just the ticket and I am sure that with 1 meeting I could do it? we'll see anyway??????

Managed to grab a few quid on last nights darts with a back of Lewis most 180s and Lewis outright, both looked excellent value and I let both bets ride. I know there wasn't much between them on tourney stats but Lewis is the better player and he has more gears without a doubt, he'd been there and done it last year and the game went pretty much as I expected even though neither were scintillating.

Looking forward to the football tonight with Man City taking on Liverpool, I will not be getting involved financially as I struggle to get a handle on both of these teams, I wouldn't be so sure of a goalfest!! One to watch and enjoy for me I think and good luck to you if you are trading it.