Friday, 30 December 2011

Ready For The New Year

Sorry for not posting hardly anything throughout December. I just haven't done anything at all trading related and have switched off from all things Betfair until the New Year now.

I have some ideas to take forward into the New Year and hopefully I will be able to find some profitable strategies on other sports that will serve me well next year, however it's very much harder nowadays as the exchanges are so very competitive and finding that elusive "edge"  in sports that have real die hard experts is no mean feat!!

I think there will be those that will always have superior knowledge in these areas and therefore my attack has to be from a different angle as opposed to simply knowing the game better than someone else? It revolves around knowing the market and what sort of things I can profit from within that market at certain times during certain sports..... But plenty of work ahead yet though.

Horse Racing is an area I will be concentrating on again as my enthusiasm wanes throughout the winter but I will need to be sharpening up for when the racing gets better and we approach the summer months where it all comes thick and very fast!!

I will be back in the New Year with a renewed vigour and hopefully try and make 2012 a special year in more ways than one? Thanks to everyone that has read and I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and for 2012 to be a memorable one.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Sorry for the lack of posts in the last week but there hasn't really been anything going on, I have traded a couple of the early morning Aussie races to nick a few quid, but got caught out with a suspend!! They really are quite good at going to time in AUS so it's better to be well out of it before the time reaches zero, on the flip side the liquidity only picks up in the dying minutes so it can be pretty easy to get caught.

I see it's the Europa League tonight but I really dislike it as a competition and find trading it equally dull so won't be getting involved in that.

So December a quiet month for me and i'll be just coasting until the end of the year from now on, recharging the batteries to have a right good crack at 2012!!! My enthusiasm does tend to dwindle in the winter for some reason? maybe because I'm a Horse Racing trader by nature and generally this time of year is the worst for that? I am trying to branch out into other sports with limited success at the moment, that is one of my main aims of the new year though. To get another sport that I can profit from to add another dimension to my trading, lots of work and research to do before I get anywhere near but still I'm optimistic about the prospects.

Baskeball has always been a sport I enjoy and the swings can be wild in the NBA, so I will definitely be looking at how that can be traded, there are a lot of patterns that tend to repeat in Basketball and I'm sure there could be a way I can trade the sport successfully or even automate it?? Would love to hear some other peoples thoughts on it.

Thanks for reading my dross :-)

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Nothing doing


Didn't do anything today regards trading, was preoccupied for most of the day! Was going to have a look at the India v WI ODI but didn't get the chance, what a knock by Sehwag!! Phenomenal hitting.... Would of probably been a winner for me as I favoured India massively in this one.

Yesterdays Champions League bets/trades went OK with just one of the 3 matches I picked out being acceptable odds, I got on at 1.52 and got 2 early goals in the 2nd half. In the Benfica and R.Madrid games the first goal was scored before the odds moved to my entry point. Fortunately as Benfica only won 1-0 in the end.

The Man City Unders trade was a winner and unfortunately I didn't lay Man Utd but was still glad to see them beaten. They really don't look very good to me and they need to strengthen in the transfer market if they are to compete at Champions League level.

Looks to be a good card this weekend from Cheltenham so I will be definitely trading tomorrow to try and nick a few quid, if I add 10-15% I'll be very happy.